Linen Care

Did you know - linen gets better with every wash - softer silkier and always beautiful 

As a general rule, linen garments can be machine laundered on the delicate or hand wash cycle on cold water setting. You will extend the life of the fabric if you hand-wash your linen clothing in cold water. After washing it is best to hang straight on a hanger in the shade or inside. A mild detergent formulated for delicate fabrics is best. Always remember to separate your whites and colours. If you wish to iron your linen clothing it is best to do when the clothing is still damp on warm or linen setting. 

Washing Instructions

Wash separately in cold water on a short, gentle cycle - delicate or hand wash cycle

  • Avoid harsh detergents
  • Use a liquid detergent without bleach or brighteners
  • When needed pre-dilute your detergent and clear any residue bleach
  • If you launder in a clothing bag this will extend the life of your linen clothing
  • Hand washing and spot washing also extends the life of your linen clothing
  • Always separate your whites from your colours 

Drying Instructions

  • Air-dry your linen garment on a hanger (padded if possible) or place it flat on a drying rack
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight over long periods, dry inside or in shade
  • Tumble dry only on delicate setting, low or no heat.  Linen will become brittle if it is dried on high heat or for an extended period. Tumbling keeps a soft drape
  • Remove the product slightly damp from the dryer to “bake and break” the fibers. Allowing the fabric to rub on itself in a “dry” condition will cause abrasion 



Added Benefits of Linen

  • The more you wash and wear the better linen gets! Softer and silkier and more beautiful always 
  • Absorbent—linen absorbs water well, plus it allows water to evaporate quickly. This is one of the reasons that it always feels soft and cool, which is why it is still used as high quality bedding material
  • Doesn’t stretch—it keeps its shape
  • Anti-static—this makes it resistant to dust and many stains
  • Non-allergenic properties—this helps people who suffer from allergies, particularly dust mite allergies
  • Lint free—it is resistant to lint
  • Durable—it is also resistant to abrasions, making it even more durable
  • Temperature—it is able to withstand high temperatures