Accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia

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Our manufacture is proudly Accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia, we do not compromise at all in the quality of our materials or production. This is our commitment to superior workmanship made locally and ethically.

By honouring our makers we honour the wearer, ensuring fair wages and fair working conditions. 

True quality and passion are supported in this way leading the way of positive change within an industry rife with the exploitation of human and natural resources.

Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation ensures legal compliance with national workplace laws. This is a paid process which we go through on a continuous basis as our commitment to real transparency and supporting local, ethical and sustainable production in Australia.



The Lifetime of a Design

At Love Linen we do everything with love and much time, energy and care goes into everything we do.

We are only small and we only make a few. We are very proudly Australian made, owned and operated. Our amazing manufacturer specialises in short production runs which means we only produce minimums of our designs in a carefully chosen quality European linen fabric.

Quality over quantity is what we are passionate about. Our designs are unique and limited which make them extra special. We think to have something well made supporting these values, sets us apart from an industry focused on high volume to create higher profit margins.

Scarcity is a valued and treasured thing very rare in this industry.



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