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Our Story

Broome Inspired Luxury Linen Clothing

Passion, Quality & Style Sewn Together

Love Linen born in Broome Western Australia, was created with a passion for local Australian made sustainable and ethnically produced clothing, beautifully made and designed with integrity. These days the clothing market is rife with an over production of under-quality clothing with short life spans. We feel it is our responsibility to look towards the future and continually create sustainable and earth friendly ways of production.


- Linen uses more than 7 x less water than cotton production -

- Linen gets softer and silkier with every wash - cotton deteriorates -

- In Australia, 92% of clothes sold in Australia are imported. (Choice 2014) -

- In Australia we send $5 million dollars worth of clothing to the tip every year - 

 Ethical Clothing Australia Logo

Proudly accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia and value quality over quantity made well, to last a lifetime. Our amazing makers are valued in this way supporting fair wages and working conditions within an industry rife with the exploitation of human and natural resources.

We are advocates for Australian Ethical and Sustainable Fashion and are proudly part of the Fashion Revolution. We believe that that the world really has no other choice but to support local, sustainable earth friendly, human friendly ways of production and consumption for a brighter future. 

"It is our responsibility to look towards the future and create sustainable and earth friendly ways of production." - Helen - Founder & Designer


Helen Atcheson wearing Love Linen in Broome W.A 

"I do not see myself as a 'fashion designer'. I see myself as one small business trying to make a positive difference" – Helen – Founder & Designer


 Love Linen supports other small Australian businesses by keeping everything local. We source stunning high-quality European linen through a local Australian agent. European linen is worth the extra we pay – we could very easily source linen from China or India (much like production) although we feel a commitment to quality, sustainability and basic human rights is worth it!

 “There needs to be a huge education on what a ‘fair price’ for fashion and clothing really is” – Helen – Founder & Designer 

 Founder of Love Linen Broome W.A, Helen Atcheson

"We may be small but our message is great" - Helen, Founder & Designer 


- Polyester production emitted about 706 billion kg (1.5 trillion pounds) of greenhouse gases in 2015 equivalent of the annual emissions of 185 coal-fired power plants. (World Resources Institute 2017) -

- Over 50% of workers within the fashion industry are not paid the minimum wage in countries like India and the Philippines. (Global Fashion Agenda 2017) -

- Nearly three-fifths or 60% of all clothing produced ends up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being made. (McKinsey 2016) -


We only make a few - unique and limited

Our focus is also short run production. As well as supporting Australian made and ethnically produced clothing, you will have something truly unique and limited in your wardrobe to treasure always, made well to last a lifetime


- About 1,900 synthetic plastic microfibers per garment are released when washed and due to its tiny sizes and shapes, aren’t caught in waste water treatment and enter our oceans. (Browne et al. 2011a) -

- It takes about 2,720 litres of water to produce just one cotton shirt – a number equivalent to what an average person drinks over three years. (EJF) -

- Researchers anticipate the industry’s water consumption will increase by 50% by 2030 as cotton producers are located in countries suffering water stress, such as China and India. (Global Fashion Agenda 2017) -


"Wearing linen shows an admiration of naturalness and a healthier way of living"

At Love Linen we believe when you are dressed well you feel good, we value quality lifestyle and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Clothes tell a lot about a person; they reveal one's personality, values, habits and lifestyle. Wearing linen garments shows one's admiration of naturalness, simplicity and healthier way of living. At the same time, it makes a person stand out in the crowd.

- Bringing love into your world through a love of linen -

Helen - Founder and Designer


 Helen Love Linen Founder and Designer in Broome W.A


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