Our Story

Humble Beginnings

Love Linen was created with a passion for local Australian made, sustainable and ethically produced clothing, beautifully made and designed with integrity.

Born in remote regional Western Australia 2018, in a small town of Broome, Love Linen is one womans passion to make a positive impact.

These days the clothing market is rife with an over production of under-quality clothing with short life spans, making a devastating impact on our planet. In Australia less than 10% of our clothing is still made in Australia. We aim to uphold and support our local makers and artisans while honouring our most loved natural fiber - linen.

Ethical Clothing Australia Logo

Our manufacture is proudly accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia - we value quality over quantity made well, to last a lifetime. Our amazing makers are valued in this way supporting fair wages and working conditions within an industry rife with the exploitation of human and natural resources.

Women and children make up over 75% of the world wide slave labour force within the fashion industry - most not even being paid a minimum living wage in their very poor countries.

We believe in supporting other amazing women and small businesses in Australia for their great skill, love and dedication in everything they do, a more sustainable and ethical stance on fashion must be a local one.   

"I do not see myself as a 'fashion designer'. I see myself as one small business trying to make a positive difference" – Helen – Founder & Designer

 Founder of Love Linen Broome W.A, Helen Atcheson


"Wearing linen shows an admiration of naturalness and a healthier way of living"

At Love Linen we believe when you are dressed well you feel good, we value a quality lifestyle and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Clothes tell a lot about a person; they reveal one's personality, values, habits and lifestyle. Wearing linen shows one's admiration of naturalness, simplicity and a healthier way of living. At the same time, it makes a person stand out in the crowd.

"Linen is perfectly imperfect - just like you"


We celebrate being 'perfectly imperfect' - just like linen. Being true to yourself and celebrating everything that is uniquely you, regardless of age, shape or size. Your clothes should adapt to your unique way of life while supporting real values, the way you feel when you dress should spark confidence and joy - a celebration of everything that is you. If you believe in the energy and intention that goes into something created out of love and respect for our earth, it is this goodness you receive and wear against your skin when you wear Love Linen.

Bringing love into your world through a love of linen

Helen - Founder and Designer x


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