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Broome Inspired

Passion, Quality & Style Sewn Together

Love Linen born in Broome Western Australia, was created with a passion for local Australian made sustainable and ethnically produced clothing, beautifully made and designed with integrity. These days the clothing market is rife with an over production of under-quality clothing with short life spans. We feel it is our responsibility to look towards the future and continually create sustainable and earth friendly ways of production.

Our goal is to create clothing of true quality, style, designed and produced to last a life time. Clothing is also something we believe you should feel good in - design, quality and our carefully chosen linen fabric itself, all come together to achieve this. 

Our focus is also short run production. As well as supporting Australian made and ethnically produced clothing, you will have something truly unique and limited in your wardrobe. 

Born in beautiful Broome, Western Australia, our clothing are specifically designed and suited for the Australian climate, easy to wear elegant breathable and timeless pieces. Our creations are to feel good in whether within your corporate wear, at the end of your day, for weekend wear or something truly comfortable and stylish for your next getaway. Our clothing are designed for ease and style and can be dressed up or down, over beach wear or to an evening dinner. Our clothing will become your go-to comfortable yet stylish essentials.

At Love Linen we believe when you are dressed well you feel good, we value quality lifestyle and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Clothes tell a lot about a person; they reveal one's personality, values, habits and lifestyle. Wearing linen garments shows one's admiration of naturalness, simplicity and healthier way of living. At the same time, it makes a person stand out in the crowd.

We love to hear your feedback so please do not hesitate to contact us

We hope we have brought love into your world through our love of linen.

Helen X

Founder and Designer


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