Why You're Getting Ripped Off At $100 For A Dress

So I Went To (Fast Fashion Shop) and bought 10 Dresses - This is what I found 

(actually didn't but you get the gist)

  1. I didn't really love ANY of them but they were cheap
  2. I know I'll throw them out in 12 months (if they don't fall apart first)...more landfill
  3. I really don't know what they are made from - poly... oh yeah isn't that plastic and microfibers choking our planet?
  4. I didn't check to see - ah Made In China under slave labour and a regime that does not support any life - including human life..
  5. One has a tag 'Ethically Made in Bali' - mmm why not Australia - ah fair wages... fair in Bali... do they have a fair work?
  6. The person that made it worked over 12 hours per day and only got paid less than 40c PER DAY - don't know how they are surviving
  7. The fabric was poor quality and cost less than $4 per meter - the processes of producing this cheap fabric are currently polluting the planet and stripping it of natural resources
  8. I wonder how long it would take me to sew a dress - I wonder how much I'd like to be paid?
  9. How long would I like a dress I really really loved to last? Could I make it last? Would I wear it more than once?


Lets #DoBetter - consider  #WhoMadeYourClothes - what your clothes were made from and how you'd like to WEAR YOUR VALUES