Why we NEED to 'Beat' Fast Fashion

We Just Need to Stop - Consider WHO Made My Clothes

This is a great short video expressing some of my own sentiments regarding fast fashion, based in the US yes but on point!

It is just ridiculous that in only the last 10 - 20 years the production of clothing has increase so much to be at the stage of $10 disposable items in the name of 'trends'. We need to be smarter and we need to consider the real cost behind the price tag.

What A Cheap Price Tag Actually Says:

  • I was made by someone under slave labour (majority who are woman)
  • I was made in poor, unsafe and unfair working conditions
  • I was made using poor materials
  • I will fall apart within months and add to landfill
  • I caused more pollution and negative earth impact 
  • I was not made out of love or care for the earth or any human on it