Why Its Green To Switch To A Plant Based Diet

A Plant Based Diet Is More Sustainable 

Switching to a plant based diet is really not as hard as you might think, and even if you do it 80 percent of the time, you're doing the world and your body a favour

  • Plant based is cheaper - beans and legumes as a very good source of protein are far cheaper than meat
  • Plant based is better for you and particularly your gut, we are not designed to eat meet, our teeth and intestines are made to break down plants, you will find this to be gentler on your whole system
  • Current forecasts of meat eating and population proves we don't have enough space to feed, water and grow enough 'beef' on our planet 
  • Plant based requires a lot less water to produce than animal products 
  • You don't have to give up everything - every little bit counts (I for one can not turn my back on cheese!)
  • Plant based also means not processed - the more 'unprocessed' your food is generally means the healthier it is, less chemicals and better for the you and the planet
  • Don't Forget Your Nuts - a great snack and packed full of goodness 
  • Animal agriculture is appalling, a more humane and sustainable approach truly needs to take place, if I do choose to eat animal products I try as much as possible for free range, grass fed, regenerative agriculture, supporting small local farmers
  • Try it, you'll feel healthier, happier and lighter