The Year 2020

I admit I have found this year difficult.

I almost feel guilty about it because I know I have so much to be grateful for and many more have had a year much worse off than me..
In refection on my journey I have taken a big step back to remember why I do what I do in the first place.
I am not here to convince you all that every fashion choice you make has an impact..even if it does.
I am not here to convince you all that someone else is paying for what you think you have 'saved' by shopping at Target..even if there is someone, a whole family of someones who are paying...on the other side of the world...which they are.

I am not her to explain the mark ups of a 'normal' fashion retailer vs a small and even smaller like me 'brand' and the shocking difference in the name of profit..not love..just money..which make designers, like myself, feel sick.


What I will focus on moving forward is a commitment to my values and why I have created a honest, ethical and sustainable fashion option (among many others) throwing my pebble in the pond of goodness in a hope of a better future.


We never really know how far our ripples reach, but, we can hope.


Love Helen Xx


Founder & Designer