The Minimalist Approach

What is a capsule wardrobe?

People tend to freak out when it comes to minimalism their belongings, most of all the dreaded overflowing wardrobe! It turns out though, little by little, clearing out and taking each item into serious consideration can lift that dreaded 'what to wear' burden from our everyday lives.

A capsule wardrobe is formulated via a few very simple considerations and has a minimalist approach. 

- Quality over Quantity - what will last and stand the test of time

- Create YOUR own style - step away from fashion trends

- Pick your favorites - you will want to LOVE every item in your capsule wardrobe  

- Plan your outfits - make sure each piece is pulling it's weight 

- Trial your minimalist wardrobe to find out what your really need and love to wear, a good tip here is turning all your coat-hangers around the wrong way, after three months - see what you have worn and what you haven't. You don't have to buy a minimalist wardrobe, start with what you have and then moving forward, choose wisely with your purchases - shop ethical and sustainable.