The Beauty of Fashion for ALL Seasons

Seasonal Fashion is OUT

It is truly inspiring that there is a huge shift towards a more minimalistic view towards our wardrobes. Not only is clothing regarded as a form of self expression but ultimately it is now a reflection of what values we hold and the impact we are consciously having (or not) by the choices we make. 

Slow fashion is becoming a more popular term, an appreciation for classic timeless pieces made well to stand the test of time, made to be worn through many seasons for years to come. Seasonal fashion following short term trends and fads is out. Not only is it unsustainable from so many points of view, we are beginning to realise that we have absolutely no choice but to embrace a longer term approach in all we consume if we wish to leave the planet in a better state for our children, or in any state at all. 

The focus has turned to choosing your own signature style by carefully curating a wardrobe of timeless staples that can easily be mixed and matched. This can be achieved by sticking to your own favourite colour pallet or favouring monotones or a selection of very simple colours and embracing a signature style and look. Each piece is selected in reference to what is already owned and how it will be utilised fully throughout the years. Here are just a few simple things to consider to develop your timeless wardrobe.

  • Choose a colour pallet that suits you and stick to it
  • Know what you love and feel good in - and only buy this 
  • Dress to your body shape and size, she is beautiful no matter what
  • Embrace a simplistic but ultimately YOU look - you can have a small collection of accessories to take it all to the next level
  • Spend time searching for pieces that tick all your value boxes, smaller brands are harder to find although you will be glad you made the effort
  • Avoid impulse buying, make sure you're ticking all of the above
  • Care for your wardrobe - mend and alter if necessary 
  • When in doubt op-shop, although fast fashion has infatuated a much loved past time you can still find some gems, or if you have the time, you can even make your own