Slow fashion and a Conscious Life

Conscious living can start with fashion

What brought me to this journey was a yearning for a simpler and more considered, healthier way of life. Through a journey of slow ethical fashion made well, and made in Australia, flows through to a greater proportion of everything in daily life. 

Daily learnings of reducing waste, reducing plastic, recycling more, reusing, shopping local, owning less, paying more attention to impacts of life and the way we live - it opens up a whole realm of possibilities into so many new exciting states of awareness. If you are not aware and present to what is around you than what kind of life are you living?

I believe we all have an obligation to our surroundings - some might say to mother earth - but, even more so to ourselves. We need to honor ourselves and what's around us by consciously living in all that we do. Consciously consuming, consciously eating and consciously being. 

Minimalism has also been a very helpful path in this aspect. Creating more of a rich and considered life by minimizing or getting rid of what's really not important in your life, so then you may have the time and space to enjoy what is. 

For me this started with fashion or clothing. We put clothes on every day don't we? It's a great place to start to live with more intention and more awareness. Join us here and start your journey. Ours in through a love of linen x