Simply Linen

Why Wear Linen 

It's Stylish

Linen is never out of fashion! It is revered and loved even more today with better ways to pre-soften the linen before a first wash and also our favourite - crinkle linen which does not need ironing! If you know your linen you can tell quality from cheap linen you may find from China.. Even better - Linen makes you feel fabulous, elegant, timeless and put-together, even if you're just wearing it around the house.

It'll Keep You Warm (or cool)

Quality European linen is a breathable fabric that regulates your body temperature, keeping you cosy through winter's chilly mornings or cool on summer days.

It's Sustainable

When harvesting the flax crop, every part of the plant is utilised and it requires less water and pesticides to grow than other materials such as cotton - yay!

It's Lasts Forever

Linen is renowned for its strength as a fiber - unlike cotton which deteriorates with every wash - linen gets BETTER - softer, silkier and always beautiful - this is what we really love.