Self Care Rituals You Can Use Everyday

Self Care Goes a Long Way

It's important in this busy modern world to make time for yourself. Little self care rituals are a perfect way to slow down and make these little moments for ourselves even with a busy lifestyle. Being present to our inner selves and what is around us in the present moment, can give so much clarity and inner peace in our everyday life and more so when we are in need of calmness towards any inner conflict.

Routines and day to day existence can become mundane and demanding without allowing time to breakaway to care and nourish ourselves. No one can pour from an empty vessel.  Rituals are something also not necessarily incorporated into a routine, with a risk of becoming something on your to-do list, surprise yourself with rituals that fill you up and experiment with them. Depending on what is happening in your world can depend on what is right for you and, at what time. 


Put the kettle on and have a cuppa 

They say so much can be cured with a cup of tea. Make this a time of quietness allowing you to breath, be and center yourself. I like to go outside with mine and sit among nature.

Go for a walk

Even a short walk can put you in a better frame of mind. When you get cloudy at the desk or you realise you haven't moved much today, going for a walk helps you breath, stretch, move your body and appreciate things around you. Sunshine and fresh air are natures best medicine. If you don't have much of an exercise routine even a daily walk can be so beneficial.

Have a bath

A bath is something I almost only ever do if I'm on holiday. Lighting some candles, incense or just a yummy bath bomb can make you feel like you are treating yourself and if your muscles are aching it can be also very relieving (add Epsom salts). Add some soothing music and it can be a very relaxing moment allowing you to rest, breath and connect with yourself.

Meditate for 5 - 10 

So many studies have proven the benefits of regular meditation. Even 5 - 10 minutes is enough to calm yourself and bring yourself to your breath and the present moment. Concentrating on the breath and letting the world of thought fall away can help you to feel less stressed and clear. It is a wonderful way to start the day or if you just need to breakaway and re-connect. 

Simple Yoga

Much like meditation, yoga is a meditation in itself only also very good for your body. It's ok to stay in the beginners section and more so about giving your body the benefit of stretching and strengthening even basic core yoga poses while having the overall benefit of calming the mind. 


It's no secret exercise can make you feel amazing so much so people become addicted. If you struggle for time, short spurts of high intensity exercise are fantastic. If you have to commute to work incorporating bike riding to your routine is a great way to make this time for yourself while still getting where you need to be. I find routine in this case is good or it's easy to get lazy, I've never felt bad after exercise and your mind and body will thank you in the long term.

Affirmations and daily gratitude

Whether it's starting a  gratitude journal or writing up your goals and some positive affirmations can help put you in a better mindset. Some people like vision boards or putting photos and affirmation cards on the fridge, whatever creates a more positive a clear vision for yourself can help you feel more purposeful in every step your taking in life. It is important to be present in each moment and value all the steps in between, they are what matter most in the end.