Reasons Why Being Coastal is Beneficial For Your Health

I wake up everyday in my beautiful home town of Broome feeling so grateful. It turns out that living coastal like many Australians can actually be beneficial for your state of mind and overall health. 

Allows you to Relax and Unwind

Many people make holiday vacations coastal or island ones. There is a reason for this. Everything seems to slow down when you are closer to the ocean, it's like you are falling back into natures natural rhythm. We have a name for it in Broome 'Broome time' - allowing the stresses of work and society fall away. Being coastal is so grounding and calming putting perspective on what matters in the world around us - allowing us to be present and enjoy in the moment of now.

Deeply Cleansing for the Body Mind and Soul

There is nothing better than the clean salty air which living coastal brings. It makes you feel so alive and cleansed breathing in pure clean breaths into our bodies. Long walks along the beach are a favourite and daily ritual of mine, and as a bonus it naturally exfoliates my feat. The smell of the air and sound of the waves while laying in the warm sand is deeply rejuvenating. 

Inspiring Meditation 

Many guided meditations involve the background natural music of ocean waves. To imagine the ocean water coming into our body and taking all of the negativity out to sea is a powerful visualization. Breathing to the beat of the waves crashing in and out is a means to understanding and accepting impermanence. The ocean is in constant motion without effort but with power. This is highly inspiring for meditation.

A Better Nights Sleep

Listening to the waves crash on the beach in their naturally spaced way initiates some of the best nights sleep. This natural rhythm soothes and relaxes putting us into a deep sleep. It's in these moments we feel in our bodies and minds at a state of peace and this inspires motivation to start a new day truly refreshed and positive. 

Allows you to Be - Fully You

There are many teachings and resources supporting the benefit of being in a more conscious and peacefully present state. What most strongly allows and supports us to be in this state is being close to nature. Being close to the ocean can almost put you in a peaceful trance allowing us to sit fully with ourselves without thought or judgement. Just simply being, and breathing in our surroundings can provide a weightlessness which takes us away from any desire to please others around us. Being comfortable with just being and not putting pressure on what we do and labeling who we are, can be our first steps in awakening to our true selves and our own true potential.