Quality over Quantity

Less is More

It is so easy to get caught up in this 'consumer' driven world, we sometimes forget to re-evaluate what is important and what makes us happy. It's amazing how a home and wardrobe overhaul and de-clutter can simplify your everyday life so you can spend more time and energy doing what you love. Minimalise to maximise your life experience. 

Purchase quality over quantity. For example only buy clothing that you truly love and that aligns with your core values – even if it costs more, this can actually be a sign that the production process is an ethical one. If you stock your wardrobe full of things you love, you will have less desire to add to it.

Owning fewer things can mean owning nicer things, this can make your every day world be a more accurate reflection of you and what you value. And - no more hiding that beautiful dress away for a rainy day, if it makes you feel good wear it and enjoy! 

 Live - Love - Life x