Minimalism Where To Start

Less To Live More

Maybe it started with keeping up with the Jones - but who knows. What we do know, is in our western world we have a lot. We have a lot that we don't need, we have a lot which clouds our lives and stops us from really living and enjoying what matters. 

It never ceases to amaze me how in many eastern countries and poorer nations, the happiness of the people does not necessarily coincide with how much 'materially' that they own or have.

After considering this for some time, I happened by the term minimalism. Minimalism to many people means many different things. I have found that it means to have only what you need to enjoy life, less stuff, and then more time and money because of this.

This does not mean you don't buy nice things, it means you consider purchases much more carefully instead of just mindlessly consuming from inner lack or to fill some sort of void. Minimalism to me is as much an inner journey as it is an outer. 

Everyone has their own view of what will make them happy and what they need vs what they want. It is interesting though when going through your 'stuff' and de-cluttering - how much this can positively impact your stress levels and enjoyment of time usually spent cleaning, sorting and moving around this 'stuff'. 

Minimalism also makes you value your time and happiness a lot more. If you're not happy then really - something has to change. Minimalism is not to do with just things, it's people, commitments, anything really which is not contributing to your inner peace and happiness. 

Clearing out to live with less - but really with more of what makes you happy. That's a life more worth living.