Looking after your linen clothing

Keeping your favourite linens white naturally

Caring for linen is not as hard as may be perceived. At Love Linen we are all about looking after our planet as well and, as it happens, some of the best and least expensive fabric softeners and stain removers are natural products.  

By far one of our absolute favorites is bi-carb soda (or baking soda). It can make your towels and sheets super soft and fluffy and better yet can soften your favourite linen clothing and also act as an amazing natural stain remover and help keep your whites white. Just add about a quarter of a cup or 2 - 3 tablespoons per wash. 

Bonus: Our at home tip. We wash all of our linen clothing on cold, machine wash, hand wash cycle with an earth friendly washing powder and bi-carb soda, as soon as our load has finished we hang on hangers inside or under our shaded courtyard to air dry and fall out beautifully. If you do wish to iron your linen clothing, hot tip - do it before the fabric is dry (still damp) and it's so much easier!