It's Unreasonable To Segregate Women Into A Couple Of Sizing Categories

Love Yourself, Love Your Body, Love Your Size

"I love my body and care for her lovingly everyday. I am grateful for my healthy body and mind"

Self love does not always come easily, it is a journey and usually takes quiet some time. I have always struggled with body image and the perception that women need to be super slim and tiny to be beautiful. I'm a size 12. I often wear size 8 and 10 also and sizing of fashion has always confused me.

Through a love of linen our sizing is to Australian standards. I have found in truth however we are ALL different, it is not even reasonable to segregate female sizes into a couple of categories. We all have different bodies, shapes and sizes and areas which we like to hide or show and different styles which we know will suit our shape, and those that wont.

This consideration does actually make designing a challenge for we can't obviously please everyone with every style. It is however, for this reason many of our pieces are Free Size covering a particular range of sizes. Our ranges are for real women, our styles are all forgiving and not tight at all on the body, comfort and flow is of our highest priority. We have carefully created a relaxed fit while maintaining femininity and styling to keep a flattering shape, and we are always learning, love Helen - Founder and Designer xx