It's Time To #DoBetter

Simple changes we can take to #DoBetter


- Shop Local - handmade and made with love is best :)

- Shop Made in Australia - for Australians haha, fun aside we need to make our country great again an now is an excellent reminder that we need to be self reliant, it's better for us, our planet and economy  

- Start a Vege Garden - start small and grow - fresh herbs are so so good for you!

- Connect with your community - volunteer, join a local sports club, you will receive the same and more of what you give out 

- Nurture your body and mind - so important, you are your greatest asset, and you are the only one who can take care of you, if you are a giver, to fully give as much as you want you have to give to yourself first - "nobody can pour from an empty vessel" 

- Spend more time in nature - time in nature is beneficial to your health and wellness for so many reasons, it helps keep you connected and grounded and is so good for the heart and soul 

- Re-duce Re-use Re-cycle - just that!

- Eat less meat - there is so much evidence out there that we consume way too much meat than we need and it has horrific effects on the planet, every little bit counts to reduce this impact

- Reduce use of plastic - plastic is no longer fantastic - choose carefully there are many amazing alternatives out there

- Minimalise your life so you can spend time doing what makes you happy - now more than ever we are being reminded what really matters - make these things your new 'forever' priority list - there is something beautiful about a happy simple life don't you think?

Simple yes but the best things in life are x