"I Shampoo For A Better Future"

Shampoo With A Purpose - made in N.S.W

Just wanted to share a little goodness with you :)

My partner and I have been fully converted to shampoo bars - yay!

These are AMAZING - I know there is a lot to choose from out there and we think we got the jackpot first go but wherever you choose to get yours do your happy dance in the shower :)

These shampoo bars are equivalent to SIX bottles (plastic) of shampoo and conditioner!

SUPER massive happy dance - in the shower of where-ever hehe ;P

Happy Shampooing!

Love Helen x


P.S. My partner and I share the same bar so good for all you minimalists (like me) and our first bar is almost at it's over 5 month end - still can't believe they are this good!