How To Begin Your Capsule Wardrobe

Be More With Less

A capsule wardrobe saves you time and money. You are more careful of what you choose as it is not just simply a throw away piece or something to be worn once. You end up investing in quality, well made clothing designed to last that you love. In this way you step out each day with greater confidence and clarity of your personal style.

A capsule wardrobe is simply a small collection of useful clothing that you LOVE

Some tips to help you get there

  1. Pair down to max 40 items per season - love them all (including shoes)
  2. Mix and match, matching sets are good, make them work with other pieces to
  3. Quality always over quantity - shop for need not want 
  4. Make sure what you keep what fits in with your day to day lifestyle 
  5. Know your own style and be ok with it, I'm a huge anti T-shirt and shorts girl, I'll pick a dress over that any day
  6. Flip your hangers around and notice what you don't wear, after 6 months if it hasn't been touched it probably shouldn't be there
  7. Once off 'special occasions' hire or share/swap with a close friend
  8. Feel confident, put together and less stressed :)