How To Beat The Overwhelm

Some Powerful Methods to Help Overwhelm 

We do have the habit of the glorification of busy. Life is not ment to be lived at a crazy pace where you are in some sort of permanent whirl-wind. The natural pace of life is something to be cherished and valued as it is natural and healthy. 

Even those of us most balanced, find times in our lives where we experience over-whelm, when everything seems to be happening at once and we have no idea where to start or what to do next. Here are some simple tips to help with those over-whelming times. 

One Thing at a Time

Focus on one thing at a time. Whatever you are doing - focus on just that and try to block any thought of anything else out. Being present to the task at hand will help calm and steady your approach to each individual thing. 

Stop and Breath

Your mind is racing and chattering. Stop everything and breath. Have some water or a cup of tea and sit quietly listening to your breath, quiet you mind by focusing on just your breathing. Calm your perspective and slowly prioritize. This may mean letting go of commitments or anything causing too much strain. 

Take Down the Mountain

We do sometimes make mountains out of molehills. A handy way of prioritizing is doing a brain dump by writing a list. Determine which things are high priority and which are not. Tackle just one at a time and feel good when you accomplish them, reward yourself with a break. Pro-active - not reactive is best. 

Express Your Feeling and Take Time For You

Be aware of your emotions and how you are feeling. If it helps talk with a friend or loved one to lift some weight off your shoulders. Expressing your feelings and acknowledging them is one step closer to helping you feel better. Take some time for yourself to do something which makes you feel better and more relaxed so you can put things into perspective.