Homemade Eco Cleaning For Sustainable Living

My recipe for my only at home spray'n wipe

I love everything earth friendly. I try as much as I can to re-use, recycle and I'm big on anti waste. Cleaning products are some of the worst chemicals you can let into your home. This is my mothers recipe which I have adopted for my all purpose cleaner spray'n wipe. You can play with essential oils depending on personal preference and use.

Homemade Eco All Purpose Spray'n Wipe

  • You will need a spray bottle, I sometimes re-purpose other bought spray bottles when those products are finished.
  • Half fill with white vinegar
  • Around half a cup of methylated spirits or a quarter of the spray bottle 
  • Essential oils, Australian Eucalyptus Oil is a favorite of mine
  • Fill up with water
  • Enjoy eco cleaning that smells fresh natural amazing :)