Have You Considered Wearing Nothing But Linen

Reasons To Fall In Love With The Worlds Best Natural Fiber

We seem to be on trend as the world catches on - again to how good quality linen just is

  1. The process to produce linen is earth friendly and natural, minimal to no water or pesticides is needed to harvest and minimal chemicals to extract the linen fibers from the flax plant is needed
  2. Linen is arguably the most sustainable natural fiber in this way, being made from a plant also makes it eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable 
  3. Linen cloth has a very long life, linen is well known to be more than 3 times stronger than cotton, it is also a more structurally sound fiber which means it does not loose shape and is more resistant to abrasions 
  4. Linen gets better with every wash, unlike most other fibers which deteriorate linen remains strong and gets softer and silkier with time
  5. Linen is known to be the go to summer material, but this works both ways as it is a natural insulator which means due to the natural ability of its fibers, linen keeps you cool when its hot and warm when its cold, it is one of, or if not the best natural fiber to regulate your natural body temperature 
  6. Wearing linen makes you stand out in the crowd, linen lovers are known to appreciate a more natural and conscious way of life and well as appreciating a healthier way of living
  7. Linen is easy to wear for all occasions, it is not hard to let linen take over your wardrobe, an investment worth savoring for many years to come