From Plant to Clothing - A Sustainable Choice

Linen keeping you Green - How is Linen Made?

From plant to clothing - the use of the flax plant (linum) dates back over 35,000 years, linen being the oldest natural fiber still loved and used today 

Our logo has been created with our simplistic and earth friendly core values in mind 

The motif is based on the flax flower in bud form, a symbol of growth, time and care taken in the process of producing linen fabric and our linen clothing 

As linen is typically grown in the cooler countries of the world, the fibers that come from the flax plat are strong but the process of turning them into linen takes time 

This demonstrates the enduring popularity of linen. Cotton and other synthetic materials are cheaper and easier to make, but people still choose the quality that is only found in linen 

All of our Linen is of the highest quality sourced from Europe, most of this linen is from Belgium