Facts & Stats About Fast Fashion And Its Impact Part 2

Working conditions, wages and child labour

29. 4% of what Australians spend on clothing goes to the wages of workers in garment factories across the globe.(Oxfam 2017)

30. Over 50% of workers within the fashion industry are not paid the minimum wage in countries like India and the Philippines. (Global Fashion Agenda 2017)

31. In Pakistan’s garment sector, 87% of women are paid less than the minimum wage. (Global Fashion Agenda 2017)

32. In Australia, some garment outworkers earn as little as $7 an hour and, in some cases, as little as $4 well which is below the minimum wage of $17.49 per hour. (Choice 2014)

Clothing and textile waste

52. Nearly three-fifths or 60% of all clothing produced ends up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being made. (McKinsey 2016)

53. Of the total fibre input used for clothing, 87% is landfilled or incinerated costing $100 billion annually. (Elle MacArthur Foundation 2017).

54. The total level of fashion waste is expected to be 148 million tons by 2030—equivalent to annual waste of 17.5 kg per capita across the planet. (Global Fashion Agenda 2017)

55. Americans throw away a total of 14 million tonnes of textiles each year. (EPA)

56. The average Canadian throws 32 kilograms of textiles into landfills each year. (Alternatives Journal 2015)

57. Australians dispose of 500,000 tonnes of leather and textile waste. (ABS)

58. UK disposes of 350,000 tonnes (£140 million worth) of clothing in landfills every year. (Greenpeace 2017)

59. Nearly half of UK adults put tossed some clothing in the bin in the last 12 months. (WRAP 2011)

60. Australians throw out 6 tonnes or 6,000 kgs of clothing textiles every 10 minutes (War On Waste 2017)

61. 75% of Australians have thrown clothes away at some point in the past year. (YouGov 2017)

62. 30% of Australians have thrown away more than ten items of clothing in the past year. (YouGov 2017)

63. In the past year, 24% of Australians have thrown away an item of clothing after wearing it just once. (YouGov 2017)

64. 21% of Australians estimate that they own over 100 garments (excluding underwear or accessories). (YouGov 2017)

65. One in six millennials (16%) aged between 16-34 say they generally keep their clothes for under two years before throwing them away. (YouGov 2017)

66. 57% of Australians dispose of clothes because they no longer fit.(YouGov 2017)

67. 24% of Australians aged 16-34 throw away clothes because they are ‘bored’ of wearing them. (YouGov 2017)

68. 41% of Australian have thrown unwanted clothes straight in the bin. (YouGov 2017)

69. UK disposes of 350,000 tonnes of clothing in landfills every year. (Greenpeace 2017)

Credit - Eco Warrior Princess