Easy Steps to Style Confidence

1. Wear What You Love Everyday

Everyday is a special occasion to be alive. Embrace the moment, embrace now and dress your best everyday, embrace your style no matter what future goals or aspirations you may have. Don't wait for that special moment - that special moment is and always will be - NOW

2. Embrace Your Unique Body

Regardless of what body shape or type you are, you are beautiful and you should embrace the uniqueness which is you. Don't let your insecurities or hang-ups get in the way of embracing your personal style. 

3. Don't Get Sucked Into A Rule Book

There are so many opinions of what looks good and what body shape and so on. At the end of the day it is good to stay informed but also your opinion and you feeling good is what matters most. Regardless of your age, body type and shape, don't let this get in the way of your personal style and wearing what you love.

4. Detox Your Wardrobe

Do not wear clothes that make you feel bad. Have a clear out if you need, and get rid of any clothes you do not feel amazing in, don't fit you, or, you have never worn. Donate or sell are good ways to sustainably clear out.

5. Quality over Quantity

Studies show most people wear only 35% of their wardrobe. You don't actually need many clothes! Curate a capsule wardrobe of your signature style. This will make your personal style stronger and you will feel more confident only wearing what you love. Quality clothing also stands out in a crowd of fast fashion which makes up most clothing in the world. Stand out and support values which resonate with you. We support local, ethically and sustainably made and of course quality natural fibers.