Easy Steps to a Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe

Conscious Living through Your Wardrobe 

Quality over quantity

Garments that are made well to last are really worth it - think of them as investments, they sure last longer than cheaper nastier versions. This is where you can do your research and be extra choosy as to what you invest in and how that matches your personal style, values and everyday life.

Natural Fibers Only 

Please please please. The horrific effects of plastics are choking our planet. Plastic takes around 200 - 500 years to break down in landfill...this is really not sustainable. Microfibers from the plastics you wear enter our waterways and oceans and are causing very scary pollution effects on our sea life..and if you eat fish..or care about the ocean/planet - please do your bit. PLUS natural fibers are better for your body, nature has given us everything we need :)

P.S. Make sure you do your research here too however as there is a little 'green - washing' going around..another reason we choose linen - regardless though if you've just made the switch to all natural fibers - YOU are winning!

Under 50 Rule (try having two trans-seasonal capsules - one cold one hot)

Research shows we only wear around 35% of the clothes we own. You can actually create a much more put together and signature style/look through a smaller wardrobe and end the hassle every morning of 'what to wear'. This in effect can also take some stress out of your day when your morning routine is so important as it's how you begin each day. They say the best capsules are around the 33 item mark (not including underwear, activewear or swimwear) and are all pieces which can be mixed and matched.

Wear Your Values 

Who made your clothes matters. The conditions and pay of who made your clothes matters. Make sure if you're not sure - you ask brands. There is a massive world wide revolt against fast fashion and mass production (and mass consumerism) called the fashion revolution. Shop local and locally MADE, support small labels with actual heart and soul who are the change makers of tomorrow in a broken industry - human life matters, human rights matter - and the right thing to do is always the right thing to do. #wewearaustralian #madeinaustralia #ethicalclothing #whomadeyourclothes

Make it Last 

There is absolutely no shame (in fact I think there needs to be phrase and confidence) in wearing something you love and feel good in again and again. We have washing machines.. It is also a great skill to learn or at least pay someone local to mend and repair to make things last even longer, another very easy simple sustainable hack. 

Repair, Sell, Donate, Re-purpose 

When it is clear out time - keep it simply sustainable