Could you wear the same thing every day?

Minimalism in your wardrobe

I've recently read an article about someone wearing one T-shirt every day of the week - and before your nose starts to twitch he has multiple shirts of the exact same T-shirt... and we are talking about a 'He' so perhaps slightly easier to envisage than your average female! The article did however, bring up some very relevant points to why this train of minimalism within your wardrobe could have many benefits.

I confess I could never take minimalism in my wardrobe quite this far although I took away some very valid points which I've summarized for you below. We are all about sustainability and slow fashion after all and the key to a simpler, slower, happier life is to become a minimalist not just within your wardrobe, but in all areas of your life.


  • Fewer decisions and less time and energy wasted - wouldn't it be great to not have that every morning hassle and worry? Less stress on these decisions creates room for more positivity and productivity in your day 


  • Saving money and creating less waste - money more well spent and carefully decided upon saves you in the long run, quality clothing you love also reduces overall waste which is good for you and good for our planet


  • Feeling better - when you look good you feel good. You become more grounded and productive, wearing carefully chosen outfits you love and enjoy - quality over quantity is key 


  • An iconic look - contrary to fast fashion pressure of trends changing every couple of months, a consistent look conveys confidence, clarity and becomes uniquely you. You will always look comfortable, stylish and well put together