Biggest Mistakes When Caring For Linen

1. Too Much Sun

Linen is a natural fiber, to dry or to store it is best kept away from direct sunlight which can 'bake' and in turn 'break' linens natural fibers. After washing linen is best dried inside or in good shade, flat or on hanger, it is best to shake the harsh crinkles from washing while still damp. Most natural fiber clothing benefit from being cared for in this way and will last much longer.

2. Overcrowded Washing

Always keep your machine loads at a comfortable level, with linen it is best that only linen is washed together, other fibers or rough clothes may aggravate your linen clothing. Avoid using hot water or harsh detergents, linens needs are eco friendly too - a cold gentle wash with mild eco friendly detergents work best.

3. Plastic Clothing Covers

We are very passionate about plastic free living. In addition, plastic clothing covers or storage plastic bags inhibit your linen clothing from breathing. As a natural fiber, linen needs to breath to prevent yellowing or mildew growth. 

You can always store in cloth natural fiber bags or separate garments using acid-free tissue paper. Ensure your wardrobe space is well ventilated.

4. Letting Stains Sit

Addressing stains as soon as possible will ensure a longer life of your linen clothing. Very often this can be achieved with a spot-stain removing method so as not to have to wash your clothing every time a stain or bit of food makes it's way onto your linen.

An effective eco friendly method is using a sprinkle of bi-carb or baking soda, add a few sprays or drops of vinegar and gently blot away with a natural fiber cloth. Bi-carb soda and vinegar also make a fantastic natural fabric softener and stain remover to add to your wash!

5. Always Ironing

The wonderful thing about quality linen, is that it gets softer and silkier with every wash. Quality linen clothing is known for its natural drape and softness, becoming more fluid with time. Linen is the only natural fiber which does not deteriorate or breakdown due to washing and wearing, it has a significantly stronger fiber which is why good quality linen clothing is a very prized thing indeed. Linen has natural creases which add to its character and inherently unique natural look. You will prolong the life of your linen clothing if you do not iron - I repeat - no need for ironing.