An Expression of Within

Clothing - 'An expression of self'

Clothing is an expression of self and the future of the world you wish to live in, the future you wish to leave to your children...

My Journey Through a Love of Linen - Why we make limited styles 

A focus on quality over quantity always. By only producing minimums, although this means our costs are higher, we are also valuing scarcity and a more sustainable approach very rare in the fashion industry. This also means true creativity, superior workmanship, quality and skills are valued and cherished as they once were many years ago.   

As Founder & Designer it is important to me to maintain a constant, consistent contact through every stage of design and creation, right to the very end of fostering a genuine relationship one-on-one with fellow linen lovers and working with them to serve them as best I can. 

We don't do 'latest drops'. We don't follow trends or seasonal 'fads'. Everything is created with pure, timeless intention to enjoy for many years to come, classical pieces for the curated and mindful of heart.   

By choosing quality European linen and our limited, sustainable production model we are also minimising our impact. Honouring human life and our precious natural world goes hand in hand in this way. We honour the traditions and workmanship of old, as we honour the world's oldest natural fiber still loved and cherished today.

I think by doing the best we possibly can, we are honouring the wearer most of all x