A Linen Dress is Just the Best

Quality linen will always be soft to touch even before a first wash.

All of our linens are chosen for their quality and softness and are already pre-softened and pre-shrunk. The beauty of linen is that it will never loose its shape - no other fabric does this! - making a well made linen garment even more favorable as an investment piece. You will never have your favourite piece loosing shape or shrinking!

Particularly in Australia - linens breathable and insulating properties are so well suited to our sometimes harsh and dramatically hot and cold climates. The ability to keep you cool during the warmer months and warmer during the cooler months makes linen one of the best tran-seasonal pieces on offer.

Linen is also fast drying so a splash of the ocean or a rushed clothes wash so you can wear your favourites again and again, linens advantage is that it is very fast drying - although be assured when washing it is best to dry inside or in the shade as to not damage the linen fibers.

Probably one of my absolute favourites, linen gets softer and silkier with each wash and wear - with time your love of your best linen dress just gets better and better!