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Small Business


Building a sustainable future

Slow Fashion essentially opposes the fast fashion model that emerged around 20 years ago when world wide production of clothing increased tenfold, most of which has made it to ever increasing landfill. Slow Fashion is an awareness and approach to fashion, which considers th...
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Etica Collective

Pop up location in Melbourne coming very soon this month! We are so excited to let you know we are very soon to be the next pop up in the heart of Melbourne at Etica Collective  Etica Collective is a beautiful shop based in Melbourne on Brunswick Street in the suburb of...
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About Paradise Linens

Paradise Linens is gorgeous boutique situated in the China Town shopping area in the heart of Broome. The shop was opened in September 2018 with the desire to provide the Broome Community with quality Manchester and Baby products. Bamboo, Linen and Cotton fabrics all suitabl...
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Create Everything With Love

February 26, 2019

Small Business Keeping It Real

Small business is not all daisies and roses. As any enrapture will tell you it takes a lot of guts to get out and live your dream. Love Linen is not currently my full time occupation. (Although it does occupy my mind 100% of the time!)  I also run a healing massage ther...
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About Magnolia Designs Jewellery

Our first collaboration is defiantly truly special. A fellow Broome business woman taking a leap to follow her dreams, we loved having her on photoshoot and spending time together this month. Magnolia Howard is a long time Broome resident for over 25 years. Her parents ...
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Love Linen Launch 2018

December 4, 2018

Made in Australia with Love

So much preparation has been put into every detail to bring to life Love Linen The Label. Our core values which beat at the heart of everything we do, we hope will transcend to contribute to the new movement within the fashion industry.  Quality over quantity. A step aw...
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We love small business

June 26, 2018

Shop local and sustainable

We love small business. The greatest value position of a small business is a high level of personal and tailored level of care that larger businesses just can't match. Not only are you choosing for products and services delivered with love and care you are also supporting th...
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Fast fashion

June 12, 2018

The fashion industry's biggest threat

The production of clothing worldwide has increased 50% since the year 2000 increasing over 20% each year. The overproduction of cheap quality garments produced at next to nothing to keep up with fast and faster fashion contributed to more than 500,000 tonnes of textiles...
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