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It is a New Year

Shop Sustainable this New Year

We hope you all have had a lovely restful festive season and holidays. We made the trip from our beautiful home town of Broome to Perth via the coastal road and again return with gratitude of how lucky we all are to live in such a spectacular place. I am not afraid to tell you we are not city folk. Each time (particularly during the festive season) we plunge into the hustle and bustle I am reminded of why Love Linen is so important.

I started on this journey some time ago being so fed up with clothes falling apart and finding it hard to find quality craftsmanship. I quickly began educating myself and here we are today. (I've always loved linen..guilty) Fast fashion has taken over but it doesn't end there. Over consumerism and over consumption has exploded particularly over the last 20 years with the help of technology. 

Unfortunately society has become more interested in the quick satisfaction of buying items very cheaply and not taking the time to consider if it will actually last and will it be able to be recycled after it no longer is useful. The old saying "you get what you pay for" in this case couldn't be more true. If you've bought a T shirt for $20 you cannot honestly believe you are buying something that will last, you are also supporting slave labour not to mention adding to landfill when it falls apart.

The biggest misconception about ethical and sustainable products is regarding their price point. The important thing is, if you actually  s l o w  d o w n  and consider your purchases, choosing ethical and sustainable products initially might seem more expensive but if you choose wisely, these products are well made and designed to last. So buying two beautifully made dresses which you LOVE as apposed to 15 (or more) dresses which you kinda like and kinda fit ok... will actually SAVE you money. 

It's time to think and live sustainably. Minimalism and sustainable living is becoming a strong voice amongst the hustle and bustle. A capsule wardrobe is now becoming a recognised trend with those valuing quality over quantity. Be part of this change, make it part of your New Year. Shop Sustainable.


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