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Ethical Clothing

Made With Love In Australia

Our passion is ethical and sustainable clothing designed to last a life time. We are proudly Australian made and our pattern making process through to production is ethnically accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia. Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA┬«) is an accreditation body that works collaboratively with local textile, clothing and footwear (TCF) companies manufacturing in Australia. The ECA voluntary accreditation program offers practical and affordable assistance to these businesses, and ensures that their Australian supply chains are fully transparent and legally compliant. We will achieve accreditation through supporting our already accredited pattern maker and manufacturer who is based in Melbourne. 

The pattern making process, done correctly, is a massive collaboration between designer and pattern maker. It is a long process from initial design phases to the final pattern working with a particular chosen fabric. There is no stone left unturned within this process and it takes patience and time to perfect a pattern. The relationship between a designer and pattern maker is particularly important here and we are very proud to be working with ours supporting an Australian, ethically accredited pattern maker and manufacturer. 

Australia, much like the rest of the world, is moving towards this 'fashion revolution' in addition to demanding transparency and fair and ethical processes not only limited to the fashion industry. We are all responsible with every purchase and decision we make to support and create more sustainable and ethical ways of manufacturing and consuming. 


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