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Choosing Linen Fabrics

So much beautiful linen!

From a designing perspective it is so difficult to choose between fabrics, particularly when you love them all! There are so many linen fabrics available today at such a high quality and we are very fortunate to be able to source these higher quality linen fabrics here in Australia. The leading producers of linen, or flax fibre are France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Over the years bulk linen production has shifted to Eastern Europe and China, but niche producers in Ireland, Italy and Belgium continue to supply the market for higher quality fabrics. Other significant producers are China, Belarus and Russia. 

Our fabric suppliers have been sourcing quality linen fabrics for a number of years and their fabrics come predominantly from Belgium, well known for their highest of quality. Linen grows best at northern temperate latitudes, where moderately moist summers yield fine, strong but silky flax. Flax fibres obtained from the stems of the plant Linum are used mainly to make linen which has been used for fibre production since prehistoric times. Fine and regular long flax fibres are spun into yarns for linen textiles although more than 70% of linen goes to clothing manufacture, where it is valued for its exceptional coolness in hot weather - the legendary European linen suit has long been a symbol of breezy summer elegance.

We carefully select out of an extensive range of beautiful quality linen fabrics season by season. With our focus on quality, short run production, our ranges of colours and fabrics are limited for each of our designs. Our focus on quality is our highest priority as is our sustainable and ethical Australian production and manufacture. We also value the uniqueness of our linen clothing which becomes a very special addition to each and every wardrobe.  


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