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Fast fashion

The fashion industry's biggest threat

The production of clothing worldwide has increased 50% since the year 2000 increasing over 20% each year. The overproduction of cheap quality garments produced at next to nothing to keep up with fast and faster fashion contributed to more than 500,000 tonnes of textiles and leather sent to landfill in Australia alone. Customers are getting their fashion fix fast – but then they’re binning it. This increasingly disposable nature of fashion is causing huge problems for the environment.

Unfortunately cheap fashion has become a definition for value, a T-shirt for under $10 - that's value. When you consider for example, it takes 2700L of water and over 120 days to grow enough cotton to make a T-shirt, this is becoming a massive problem. 

We need to slow down, we need to consider how long something will last before we purchase and hold brands accountable for this excessive over-production. You decide with where your dollars are spent.

Fast fashion is pushing all prices down to the bare minimum, which is also terrible for those who depend on the industry for their wages. An Oxfam report found that just 4% of the amount Australians spend on clothing goes to the garment workers. This is appalling. It's time to consider #whomademyclothes and what conditions these people are working in, not to mention the ecological impact this fast fashion is having on the world. 

Shop slow, shop sustainable, shop ethical - shop local.  


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