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Welcome to Love Linen

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Welcome to Love Linen. I'm sure as a fellow 'lover of linen' you will understand how passionate we are about what we do and we feel it is our responsibility to spread this message far and wide. Not only are we in love with everything linen and appreciate every beautiful intrinsic quality it possesses, we are very passionate about the ethical and sustainable fashion movement, creating and supporting earth friendly ways of production, and in tern, ways of life. 

The Love Linen logo has been created with our simplistic and earth friendly core values in mind. The motif is based on the flax flower in bud form, a symbol of growth, time and care taken in the process of producing linen fabric and our garments.

By supporting Love Linen you are also supporting the Australian made fashion industry. Our Australian pattern maker and manufacture are part of the  Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation body. In the last 20 years there has been almost a 50% growth of the production of clothing worldwide. This 'fast fashion' has lead to an embarrassing level of poor working environments and conditions and has also reduced the quality of clothing while increasing the environmental impact of the way fabrics are produced and manufactured.

By purchasing a Love Linen garment you can be assured quality over quantity as we value sustainable and ethical production and only produce short runs of our designs. A great deal of time and care which goes into each and every design, ensures a beautiful quality garment, designed to last a lifetime. 


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